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ManiMe is a start-up developing custom-fit beauty products with their AI-powered patented 3D technology. Since their 2019 Series A funding, they have built a brand that merges beauty and tech to create new products and rituals for everyday use.

Our goal was to rethink the overall brand and packaging architecture to emphasize the brand's mantra of "The Future of Beauty". Throughout my time at ManiMe, we worked to provide a scalable visual strategy that brings clarity to the portfolio, while staying true to the spirt of ManiMe's brand.

The identity’s bold yet elegant sans serif logotype is paired with a muted color palette to balance simplicity and sophistication while maintaining a strong, straightforward personality.

Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
Art Direction

Content Creation
Packaging Design
Product Design


Once the new brand vision for ManiMe’s graphic
and packaging system was established, we translated
it to all touchpoints within the customer journey.
Including primary and secondary packaging,
sample kits, shippers, web social, and product design.